Motion Design SHOWREEL 2012
Multiple clients
Motion Design

SHOWREEL was created to showcase projects realised while I was working at Radio Nova and at DVD Partners.
It is composed of: an animation developed for a competition at the “Paris Cinema Festival”, several motion design dedicated to the TV-show “Nova déjà demain” (80 episodes broadcast on the French channel Demain TV), an opening title dedicated to be broadcosted at the beginning of the movies which Radio Nova is a partner to, some DVD menu introductions realised for DVD partners, and some rough animation created for a live record of my own punk band “Orange Health Club”.

Radio Nova opening titles
Radio Nova
Motion Design

Motion design created for Radio Nova. It is dedicated to the broadcast of audiovisual films and production that Radio Nova is partner to.

Radio Nova is a historical radio station in Paris. Initially running as an illegal channel, it has since legitimised and gained prominence. Radio Nova has been participating in the emergence of several French musical movements including Acid-jazz (Gilles Peterson, Us3), the beginning of the French rap (NTM, IAM) or the French-touch (Daft Punk, Ed Bangers).

Radio Nova is now part of a larger Nova press group that operates on different media (magazines, radio, internet, audiovisual).

In order to preserve the rebellious character of Radio Nova’s beginning while respecting the dedicated audiovisual format, I decided to gradually and smoothly show the logo with a slight imbalance.
JUSTiQ Opening titles
JUSTiQ Dessau Projekt
Motion Design

This motion design was realized during my internship at BÜROHALLO. We took care of all the communication and documentation of the JUSTiQ projects in Dessau. BÜROHALLO also took charge of one of the micro-project workshops in the VorOrt garden in Dessau. This specific motion design is dedicated to the beginning of the project video documentation: Jugend Summer Werkstat im VorOrt Garten.
JUSTiQ is a program organized by the German government in various cities. Its aim is to propose alternative activities to give new perspectives to young people who are facing difficulties.

To make the documentation more dynamic, BÜROHALLO and I decided to smoothly animate the credits of the documentary video of the project.

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