Les nouveaux business models
des médias

FYP Éditions
Art Direction,  Book Cover
This book cover was created for FYP Éditions.

Les nouveaux business models des médias explains how new digital modes of consumption for newspapers, magazines and audiovisual programs require the media to reconsider their economic models. Faced with the breakdown of the historical boundaries between their activities and their uses, the historical media must reinvent marketing financing models, communication and audience-seeking strategies.
To be able to reach a public accustomed to practical books while illustrating a subject in constant mutation, Amélie Delataillade and I made the choice to work with icons. We exploited graphic codes that are regularly used in the field of the web and the digital design (domains treated in the book) and gave it a contemporary aesthetic.

Paperback book
147 x 210 mm, 192 pages
Offset printing

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